Dairy News, June 2011

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Article on Impact - Bacteria Switch Aids Clean-up

"...Ponds need regularly cleaning, often with diggers. Impact turns the pond contents to aerobic (from anaerobic), resulting in faster digestion. “Aerobic bacteria can do in six hours what may take anaerobic bacteria 60-70 days,” says Breeds. ..."

"... Faster action by aerobic bacteria dissolves surface crust and bottom sludge; more complete digestion helps prevent clogging in irrigation lines. ..."

"... Impact is not toxic; neither vet nor doctor would be needed if a dog or child should ingest it. Other benefits are less smell, no stirrers needed, and minimal pond cleaning – reducing risks to pond liners..."

Dairy News Issue 249, Page 33, Author Tony Hopkinson

You can find the entire publication on the Rural News Group website

For more about Impact, see our product page.

Effluent Treatment

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