Septic Tank & Long Drop Treatment

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What is BioMagic

Biomagic is non-toxic bio-stimulant that contains Water, Oxidant Sources, Biological Nutrients, Fragrance. Unlike other waste treatment products, Biomagic DOES NOT CONTAIN Formaldehyde, Bronopol (A formaldehyde release agent), Ethanediol, Biocides, Poisons, Bacteria or Enzymes.

Why it works

Biomagic works with nature by promoting aerobic bacterial activity and suppressing anaerobic bacterial activity.

This creates an environment that enables fast waste break-down without any odours. BioMagic is completely consumed by the bacteria, and no nasty chemicals are added to the environment.

This is why BioMagic treated waste can be put into septic tanks or long drops.

Waste Treatment in General

Beneficial bacteria, known as coliforms, are found in the waste that humans put into waste tanks. This is the same bacterium that digests the food we eat, and they are responsible for breaking down and liquefying the solids in the waste tanks.

It is in these tanks that the proper use of chemicals is important. Using improper chemicals can kill the beneficial bacteria and cause improper waste breakdown that leads to odour.

How Septic Tank Systems Work​
​Septic tank systems are simple. Waste flows into a tank. The suspended particles in the waste then either float and form surface scum or sink and form a sludge.


The sludge is anaerobically digested (without oxygen) by bacteria which slightly reduces the volume of solids. This process is inefficient, slow and produces nasty gasses.

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Septic Tank Issues
The solids  need to be pumped out roughly once every 2-3 years as they buildup over time and reduce the efficiency of the system.  This leads to problems such as bad odours emanating from the tank and undigested waste discharging into the soak field. This may clog the soak field requiring expensive repairs. 

Many septic systems do not cope with the waste output of modern households and so these problems can occur more often. To improve digestion, some companies sell effluent systems with air pumps to help turn them aerobic. Aerobic digestion is far more efficient than anaerobic digestion and does not produce nasty odours. Air pumps help, however it’s difficult for them to  turn a system fully aerobic. They are expensive to buy and can require lots of costly maintenance.
How BioSeptiClean can Help

BioSeptiClean works with nature by supplying the bacteria with an abundant oxidant source, far more than an air pump can. Adding BioSeptiClean to your system will quickly turn it aerobic, allowing faster and more thorough waste breakdown & without the bacteria producing any odour.

Benefits of BioSeptiClean

  • Reduce the amount of solids increasing time between emptying.

  • Eliminate odours.

  • Unblock clogged soak fields and keep them that way cheaply and effectively.

  • BioSeptiClean is 100% Biodegradable.

Directions for Use

Septic tanks  - Apply an initial dose of approx 400ml.  Thereafter apply about 200ml weekly. Always apply BioSeptiClean by mixing doses with 2L to 3L of water. Pour the mixture into the toilet or sink. If odour returns due to increased system usage then increase the dosage amount.  IE: Adjust for no odour.

For long drops - Same as for Septic tanks.  Just pour the mixture down the toilet.


Keep the use of chemicals such as bleach to a minimum, as these chemicals will have a negative effect on the septic tank or long drop.