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Effluent Treatment


Effluent Treatment


Effluent Treatment


Effluent Treatment


Soil Stimulant


Soil Stimulant


Soil Conditioner

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Biological liquid soil conditioner & foliar spray

EFX is a complete soil conditioner

​​It has all of the microbial species recognized as beneficial in plant growth,

with macro and micro-nutrients plus trace elements to provide energy.



  • Healthier Flocculated soil


  • Aerobic bacterial activity

  • Reduction of anaerobic disease causing bacteria

  • Increased plant growth

  • Cost effective


  • Increased earthworm activity 


No Minimum.

1L to 1000L's


1L per Hectare


RRP NZ $130/L

(Discounts apply for

orders 10L and over)


Soil Facts

  • Most chemical fertilisers cause soil imbalance by killing microbes.

  • Chemical fertiliser treated farm soils are losing organic matter and its ability to hold nutrients and moisture is being reduced. Even with applied nitrogen pasture growth rates are decreasing.


  • Most chemical fertilisers cause soil imbalance by killing microbes.


  • Low amounts of VAM will lead to soil erosion and leaching. Rates of soil erosion and leaching are very high in New Zealand.


  • One of the most important factors determining profit is organic matter, yet just 1Kg of excess nitrogen will account for a loss of 100kg of soil carbon. Therefore organic matter will slowly decline.


Earth FX is a soil conditioning product with a unique organic blend containing multiple carefully selected bacteria, fungi and nutrients. 

These microbes balance the soil by helping to maintain soil moisture and oxygen levels while converting organic matter into plant available nutrients, greatly improving plant growth and quality at minimum cost.

The bacteria (more than 800 million colony forming units in a cubic centimeter) multiply at a rate of 10 to the 23rd power in approximately 48 hours in 10+ degrees C, eating and digesting organic based chemicals, organic matter, anaerobic organisms (bacteria,fungi) and aids in preparing all nutrients for availability to the plants. In short, without them the soil is dead.


Disease & Thatch

Earth FX makes the soil aerobic, eliminating the environment that anaerobic disease causing bacteria and fungi exist in, thus they struggle to survive. The plant also becomes aerobic, not allowing disease bacteria a safe haven.


Aerobic bacteria will digest dead stubble and grass so it will digest thatch as well.

Use of other products could destroy the aerobic condition and again allow anaerobic infection.


We created this product with the knowledge that if a plant is able to eat WHAT it wants, WHENEVER it wants it, & HOWEVER much it wants, it will be it's BEST.

EFX In Action


Dosing & Application

Dosage: We recommend using 1L per hectare per year for general applications.
If your plants are diseased or you are looking to use it as a foliar spray you may want to use more.

Application: EFX is a live product so we recommend applying it late afternoon or on a dull day to reduce it's exposure to direct sunlight. Use enough water to allow the product to properly migrate into the soil, more is better.  Applying just before or during rain will improve product soil migration.


IMPORTANT: For maximum effect the following precautions should be observed:
• Water used to dilute the product must have no or low chlorine levels to reduce its negative effect on the bacteria.

• Direct sunlight can degrade the product.  To reduce exposure to sunlight the product should be hoed in or irrigated onto the soil late in the afternoon.

• The product is a live product and should be used within two weeks of receiving it.