Waste Treatment

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What is BioMagic

Biomagic is non-toxic bio-stimulant that contains Water, Oxidant Sources, Biological Nutrients, Fragrance. Unlike other waste treatment products, Biomagic DOES NOT CONTAIN Formaldehyde, Bronopol (A formaldehyde release agent), Ethanediol, Biocides, Poisons, Bacteria or Enzymes.

Why it works

Biomagic works with nature by promoting aerobic bacterial activity and suppressing anaerobic bacterial activity.

This creates an environment that enables fast waste break-down without any odours. BioMagic is completely consumed by the bacteria, and no nasty chemicals are added to the environment.

This is why BioMagic treated waste can be put into septic tanks or long drops.

Waste Treatment in General

Beneficial bacteria, known as coliforms, are found in the waste that humans put into waste tanks. This is the same bacterium that digests the food we eat, and they are responsible for breaking down and liquefying the solids in the waste tanks.

It is in these tanks that the proper use of chemicals is important. Using improper chemicals can kill the beneficial bacteria and cause improper waste breakdown that leads to odour.