A biological effluent pond treatment

The Impact Effect


Typical effluent ponds are dominated by anaerobic bacteria. IMPACT converts the pond into an aerobic state, dominated by aerobic bacteria.


These bacteria digest effluent many times faster than anaerobic bacteria.

Solids and odour are substantially reduced, and once digested, plant available nitrogen in the effluent can be significantly increased . 


The Impact Process

Activation dose: The activation dose is a shock dose that enables the bacteria to quickly turn the pond aerobic and begin digesting the solids. 

Maintenance dose: This will be sent to you on a monthly basis and is designed to keep the pond active by replenishing the bacteria which degrade and change naturally over time due to factors including temperature, acid wash, biocides etc.

PRE-TREATMENT:  Anaerobic pond with excessive  sludge and or surface crusting and possibly bad odour.


PHASE 1: Initial dose applied. The pond will turn aerobic and become active. Within the first few weeks the crust may start to disappear or in some cases the pond may go straight to phase 2.

PHASE 2: A soft crust and foam may start to appear on the surface. This may become quite thick due to the bacteria digesting previously accumulated solids and creating bubbles, causing them to rise. The time this process takes depends on the amount of solids already present in the pond and may last weeks, months or in extreme cases over a year.

PHASE 3: Once the digestion of backlog solids is complete, the

pond should eventually stabilize, and a small amount of surface scum/crust may appear from time to time.  


How To use Impact


For Treating Ponds:

The preferred setup is a 2 pond system with a large main pond flowing to a secondary pond where the effluent is pumped out. This allows the main pond to have a reasonable retention time as the bacteria need time and space to establish themselves properly for optimum solids digestion. Suitability will be determined on a case by case basis. Depending on the situation more product may be required to properly digest the incoming effluent.

POND VOLUME: About 1m3 or more of pond volume per cow is suitable in most cases. Smaller ponds may not be able to cope as they will not have the liquid volume to sustain a large enough colony of bacteria.

The pond flow through rate may also be too high which does not allow the bacteria to become properly established.

PUMP OUTS: Regular emptying of more than a third of the pond will not allow the bacteria to become properly established. It is recommended that you pump the pond out little and often rather than pumping out large amounts. If it has to be fully pumped out make sure to do it before applying more product to avoid wastage. Depending on effluent inflow another activation dose may be required.     

FEED PAD:  If feed pad waste ends up in the pond it’s possible the bacteria will struggle with the extra solids. A larger maintenance dose may be required. 

In Sumps for Direct Spraying:  IMPACT can also be added to an effluent sump, then sprayed directly onto pasture. This will greatly improve effluent nutrient uptake by the pasture, giving you more value from your effluent. As systems vary greatly, please contact us for details and recommendations. 

Monthly Dosing

IMPACT is designed to be safe and easy to use.

It is biodegradable and only monthly dosing is required.
You will automatically be sent your pre-determined dose on a monthly basis.  As soon as you receive the product pour all of it directly into the pond or onto the floor with the washdown water. If the pond has a crust make sure that the product gets underneath it. 

What Is Impact Made Of?

IMPACT is a liquid made up of organic compounds with many carefully chosen bacterial and fungal species, complete with macro and micro nutrients and trace elements that contribute to the vigor and digestive power of this product.  Ingredients are naturally occurring in our environment. IMPACT is non-toxic & non-hazardous and is not harmful if accidentally ingested by humans and animals. However, we do not recommend this.


IMPORTANT: IMPACT has a short shelf life. Use as soon as it is received. Keep out of direct sunlight.
If these precautions are not followed damage may occur to the product, lowering its effectiveness.